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Gaming Articles and Reviews

On and Off Paper: The Inner Progressions of Mario’s Paper Thin Series.
Putting Identity to Ethnicity; Dark-skinned Heroes and Villains in Gaming
The Future of Disney Worlds in KH; Predictions and Ideas for KH4
Kingdom Hearts: What’s After KH3? ~ Thoughts, Predictions and Theories
Octopath Traveler Review: Square-Enix’s homage to the past.

TV/Movie Reviews

Luke Cage Season 2 Review: Building Harlem’s Bulletproof Love
Spiderman: “Into the Spider-Verse” Review: A Step in the Right Direction
Marvel’s MCU: What will the X-Men and Fantastic Four bring to the cinematic universe?

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Clearing The Air: The Importance of Racial Equity, Equality, and Unity in the United States
J’s Writing Corner: Main Characters
J. Arthur’s Gaming Workshop: Rival School Games in The Present. (2020’s)
J’s Design Corner: Kingdom Hearts and Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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