Welcome to my site!

To me: It’s been a long time coming to venture out into the world of promotions, writing your own reviews and speaking clearly on your interests as a writer and individual.

To you: It’s an insight into my world and my style of creative writing. This blog will be updated with different stories, reviews and popular subjects in regards to the rising world of video games, technology and literature in new and upcoming stories. The majority of my content will focus on video games, a subject near and dear to my heart.

My Drive: Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always loved the cinematic and unique structure that went into creating the stories for video games. Alongside being a gamer of multiple genres, I also enjoyed the control that was given to others when playing as the main character. To destroy a monster and feel like a warrior, to save the princess and feel like a hero. These things motivated me into wanting to tell a story with excellent structure, depth of emotion, all structured into one disc that you can play over and over. The game that started it all for me was a little title by Square-Enix (Formerly known back then as Squaresoft) which went by the name of Kingdom Hearts. At the time of this writing, Kingdom Hearts has been a phenomenal crossover of both Square and Disney interactions all combined into one fan-filled adventure. The game introduced a simple concept, invoked the ideas of multiple worlds from Disney, sprinkled some of the characters from Square’s most notable titles (Primarily the Final Fantasy Series), and created an adventure that fans never forgot while patiently waiting for the third, and possibly final, installment within the series. It was the first game that made me think about how video games could be created and if it was possible to make something similar to it without the use of already established characters like Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Cloud, Leon/Squall, etc. And so far, I’ve created 14 concepts for one series (One series, 14 game sequels, millions of ideas).

My Goal: At the beginning of my journey I wanted to be a game designer that worked a majority of position; that is until I was told that such a position doesn’t exist. After years of honing my craft as a writer and searching for an answer to my dilemma, I’ve decided that my top priority would be as a Narrative Designer, or as a Game Narrative Copywriter, for a video game company. My goal in creating a video game has been laid with tricks and turns in regards to the position that I’ve always looked for but was never able to find or identify. By being in the industry and working to achieve my goals, I can showcase my knowledge and experience in showcasing/developing my personal creative take in regards to video games, story development and perceptions for future games.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, as I hope you’ll see through this blog, expect to see more content and exposes on my views for games and beyond!