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My name is Julian Woodyard and I’m an aspiring Narrative Designer pursuing a career within the video game industry. This blog is my creative hub for producing articles on video games, but it will also be used to a means of posting other articles outside of gaming. I hope you enjoy your visit here at the Roundabout, and if you’re interested in contacting me or discussing business, inquiries for contact will be located in the Contact tab above.

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As a gamer, I appreciate and encourage the imaginative creation of scenarios placed within them. The development of a character within a fictional setting, the re-telling of history for non-fictional figures, and the incorporation of knowledge dispersed throughout the game, are elements that I enjoy and helps in my understanding of videogame storytelling. Since 1991, I’ve amassed a knowledge of gaming and the understanding of gaming mechanics for 30 years. My understanding allows me to creatively adapt and construct storylines that amplify the experience of the story that’s been told or will be told.

Narrative Designer/Writer

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My skills as a writer assists in my ability to narratively design. In my academic achievements from Undergrad to Graduate, my Major has always been English Literature. I’ve learned how to structure a story, create conflict, and develop characters from professionals in the field of literature. As I grow as a writer, my skills as a Narrative Designer will also develop. The presentation I present in both writing and narratively designing are present to the academic, creative, and encompassing values of how literature is structured.

Creative Interpreter

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From creative writing to creative design, my interpretation of creativity is broad. My creative writing presents unique and unconventional routes towards creating a distinct story. Clichés, stereotypes, and mundane plots are considered challenges and inspirations for my style of work, as I believe that no idea is never too original or unoriginal. I “flip” the concept, presenting something that hasn’t been seen before and I use it to amplify the creative landmark to which the story delivers. Creativity is not a one way street, but it is a multi-lane freeway that can be stretched and improved with a new focus.

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An Undergrauate (2020) and current Graduate of San Jose State University, pursuing a MA in English Literature and The Arts. Born in Oakland, California, raised in Sacramento, I’m acquainted with Northern California and its inspirations of art and literature. As a writer, I’ve published my stories from my blog and from Medium in order to showcase my compositions and publications.

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